the lounge bar

cosy in the winter

fine dining

all year round

special event dining

celebrate with the place to yourselves

tasting menus

for six people or more

a table with a view

reservations essential

modern world food

with plenty of Spanish influence.

courtyard dining

with mountain view


stuffed organic chicken breast, wild mushrooms, garlic mash, balsamic dressing

terrace view

pre dinner drinks overlooking the hills

colour and flavour

mushroom risotto, fricasee summer vegetables, saffron and fennel

private dining experience

intimate, well spaced tables and a small private room

tasting tapas

avocado, crushed raspberry, sweet onion, melon, ginger and fennel, local grapes and cherries

cocktails at the bar

negroni, dry martini, mohito

fish dishes

roasted monkfish, garlic, black olives, organic vine tomatoes and pumpkin mash

meat dishes

Seared fillet beef, beet puree, wasabi olives and wilted greens

vegan food

carpaccio of melon cucumber, fennel, sweet onion, vegetable laksa

vegan menu on request

raspberry mousse, oatmeal shortbread, sweet potato, mango, ginger, coriander

fresh organic produce

tartlet of local fresh cheese, zucchini and summer leaves


salmon crostini, grilled fresh cheese, zucchini, langoustine, chorizo, marinated pepper, blood sausage, sweet apple, rosemary, fruit skewer

awaken the taste buds

grilled seabream, lentil confit, sweet pea puree, crisp fried sage, sea salt

organic herbal teas

straight from the garden


cooking in andalucia, vegan pure, l plates, hitched, baby and me

our organic kitchen garden

herbs, botanicals, leafy greens, fruit and vegetables

handmade from our shop

marinated organic olives, salted organic almonds, chutneys, mustards, marmalades and more